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The Arnoult lab focuses on genome stability, DNA repair and telomere biology. We study the different types of pathways that cells use to repair DNA double strand breaks, and how telomeres escape these repair mechanisms. 



October 2021: Nausica was awarded the V foundation scholar award. We are very grateful and are looking forward to develop inhibitors to target HR-deficient cancers

July 2021: Nausica was awarded a MIRA from NIGMS to study the function of heterochromatin at telomeres. Our first NIH grant! Champagne!!


July 2021: Raquel Ortega, MSTP student, is joining the lab for her PhD thesis. Raquel will work on the regulation of DSB repair pathways by chromatin. Welcome Raquel!

July 2021: More lab fun, this time we're enjoying Colorado lakes with a kayak / SUP / swim afternoon


June 2021: Exciting news! Nausica was awarded the Boettcher Investigator award.

June 2021: Sarah Colon, PharmD/PhD student, will do a summer rotation in the lab.


May 2021: Congrats to Alina, who has graduated from MCDB and is joining the Hargreaves lab at the Salk Institute soon as a Research Assistant! Well done!

May 2021: Erin is joining the lab for her PhD thesis. She will study the function of heterochromatin at telomeres.

Welcome to the Arnoult lab Erin!

March 2021: Andrea Ordonez, MCDB student, is doing a rotation in our lab

January 2021: Erin Taylor, MCDB student, will start her third rotation in our lab

September 2020: Congrats to Djelika and Myles for being awarded the BSI scholarship!


July 2020: Raquel Ortega, MSTP student, is joining the lab for a summer rotation

Statue with Mask

June 2020: Congrats to Ben, who was awarded a T32 training grant!

June 2020: The lab is (partially) back!

May 2020: Bruce officially joined the lab as a graduate student. We hope he can physically join the lab soon! Welcome Bruce

March 2020: Let's flatten the curve and work from home. There will be a lot of grant writing

February 27th, 2020: We are delighted to host Allison Bertuch for a seminar

(and we didn't know it would be the last in-person seminar in a LONG time)

February 2020: Congrats to Ben for his success on his comprehensive exam!

January 2020: Welcome to Bruce Proctor, MCDB, who is starting a rotation.


October 2019: Our first postdoc, Hubert Fleury, is joining the lab. We're very excited and got 12 inches of snow to welcome him. We hope he appreciated!

August 2019: Nausica has been awarded the Glenn Foundation for medical research and AFAR grant for junior faculty. We're looking forward to decipher the changes in DSB repair pathway choice and repair efficiency during aging.

July 2019: Nausica will be in Steamboat for the FASEB Genetic Recombination and Genomic Rearrangements Conference

May 2019: Ben Nebenfuehr is joining the lab as our first graduate student.

February 2019: We are welcoming two MCDB rotation students, Galen Squiers and Ben Nebenfuehr, as well as a new undergard, Alina Dayn.

January 2019: We welcome to the lab Daniel Ahrens, our new MCDB rotation student. During his rotation, Daniel will pursue Shawn's efforts to establish a cellular system to study the role of DNA repair proteins at telomeres.

November 2018: Ben Dodd, senior PRA, joined the lab. Ben will identify and study novel factors involved in DNA repair. Welcome Ben!

October 2018: Welcome to Shawn Laursen, our first MCDB rotation student. During his rotation, Shawn will establish a cellular system to study the role of DNA repair proteins at telomeres.


October 2018: Our first Professional Research Assistant, Colin Sempeck, joined the lab. Together with organizing the lab, Colin will decipher the cellular roles of the lncRNA TERRA. Welcome Colin!

August 2018: The Arnoult lab is officially open!

May 2021: Hike day! We've enjoyed Colorado natural beauty, just steps form the lab

June 2021: Congrats to Ben and Erin who were both awarded a T32 training grant


October 2021: Brooke Shepard, MCDB student, is joining the lab for a rotation