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I grew up on the beaches of Lake McConaughy in Nebraska.  Then, I fell in love with the mountains here in Boulder, Colorado.

I have 10+ years of experience in lab management and 15+ years of experience in research. I began my research career studying the role of nitric oxide in hypoxic signaling with Dr. Robert Poyton. I then shifted to studying the structure and function of synaptophysin and its association with amylogenic APP peptides with Dr. Michael Stowell.  Dr. Stowell’s lab then became a collaborator on a DARPA project headed by Dr. William Old. The aim of DARPA was to create a workflow that could reveal the mechanism of action of a biological agent in 30 days.  I worked on several different aspects of the DARPA project, but my most significant contribution was iTSA (isothermal shift assay), an optimized proteomic technique for screening the protein interactome of a drug.

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