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I grew up in Paris, France, and in Munich, Germany. Then I came back in France to study molecular biology at Joseph Fourier University-UJF in Grenoble, into the Alp mountains.

In 2011, I moved in Montréal, Canada for my thesis research at the Institut du Cancer de Montréal-ICM, in the lab of Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson. I was studying the involvement of PARP inhibitor in ovarian cancer. I then continue my project with a one-year first postdoc in the same institute, focusing on DNA repair biomarkers in prostate cancer in the laboratory of Dr. Fred Saad and Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson.

After 7 years of a beautiful life in Montreal, I chose to move in Boulder, Colorado to keep working on DNA repair in the lab of Dr. Nausica Arnoult… but also for the mountains!

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